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Anti-vibration elements


Shock and Vibration Absorbing Machine Mounts

With a relatively hard machine support or mounting,
the amplitude of the installed equipment is minimal, but
the resulting isolation efficiency is much less than with a
more resilient mounting. Although technically the isolation
efficiency of a soft mounting is very high, it impairs the
machine stability and can lead to uncontrolled operation of
the installation

Technical Parametries

Self-Tensioning Motor Mount for Belt Drives

The ROSTA elastic tensioning motorbase type MB, with the
rubber suspension unit as swivel mounting, compensates
continuously for all stretching, hopping, fluttering and
excessive pull when starting, thanks to its preloaded
suspension system with high self-damping.

Technical Parametries

Elastic Suspension for Screens and Shaker Conveyors

Oscillating conveyors consist of trough-, box- or tubeshaped
conveying units, the oscillation rockers and the
oscillating exciter. While oscillating mass forces are set up
which lead to two fundamental conveying modes

Technical Parametries

Multifunctional Modules for the Machine Industries

Housing made out of steel, inner square section made out
of steel tube for mounting “plug-in” lever arms on one or
both sides. The inserted part should be at least three times
longer than the clearance “C”

Technical Parametries

Maintenance-free Tensioning Devices for Belt and Chain Drives

The ROSTA tensioning element prevents the slack side of
the chain from “sagging” or “slapping” by its automatic
operation and very wide tensioning range for compensating
this given elongation. The ROSTA tensioning element
is based on the ROSTA rubber spring principle

Technical Parametries