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Now days, consumers become more and more selective and demanding ;more than ever before,constant change is therefore an important factor in their choosing a product.

In your effort to make difference, alexandris is your ideal partner, giving you the opportunity to change the packaging of your product and introduce it to the public in its new appearance.

Alexandris has been specialised in the bottling industry and has developed a unique system, which enables you to create a new bottle easily, quickly and above all cost-effectively. In a CAM-CAD digital environment using state-of-the art CNC machining produced by top suppliers, alexandris designs and

manufactures the plastic conveyor screws, stars, glides etc. required so that new packaging can be adapted onto already existing production line or machine. In this way, you become more flexible and you are given opportunity to launch new bottles in your market, having changed their shape and/or capacity.


International certificate for quality – ISO 9001 13.03.2014

Parking places for our Clients in our store in Mladost. 04.07.2011

Dear clients,

welcome in our store in Mladost , where you can park easyli just behind the office!

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