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Alexandris Engineering Ltd is founded in 1999, as a branch with 100 % partnership of GEORGE P. ALEXANDRIS S.A. The company inherited traditions and experience of many years.
The Company has a headquarter, located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The building holds: showroom, administration, main warehouse, laboratories, social gatherings and seminars hall, production plant and  project office with friendly personal reception, experienced and earnest service for our customers who belong to all industry sectors. In 2002 was founded our main branch in Sofia with well equipped shop, offering the same services. In the beginning of 2004 the company expanded its activities and organized a plant of non - standard details for the Bottling Industry and confectioning of conveyor belts, based on a modern technology, high quality and productivity.


Main activities:

Conveyor belts and flat belts SIEGLING – Germany.
All kind of belts for industrial applications.
Assembling of modular belts.
Chains DIN and ASA.
Conveyor chains.
FLEXON SYSTEM PLAST conveyor components.
Industrial motors and gearboxes Motovario, Italy.
Assembling of gearboxes Motovario, Italy.
Tensioner devices and antivibration elements ROSTA.
Wire cloths; screens and perforated sheet.
Glass-Teflon – England.
Conveyor rollers. Screws. Stars.

Production of machined components at customer’s design.
Processing non-standard components of stainless steel, technical plastics and non-ferous   metals